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GIS 204

適合全天候的迴圈凸起感壓系統, 埋入地面以下,不受下豪雨或大雪影響。


如線路被覆蓋將觸發紅色停止燈號亮起, 則導引中止。

改造不靈活加油坑的位置, 而不會造成加油坑搬遷的昂貴費用。

The RLG GIS 204 Designed for nose-in Docking with precision positioning of aircraft to loading brideges and fuel pits, and also designed this concept with the addition of wide-bodied aircraft, to accommodate all aircraft types on a single docking device, without error factor involved with changes in height of aircraft due to variation in gross weight.  The system compllies with ICAO Annex 14 recommendations.

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